Cab for Everyone

We focus our service for People who need it, our core service area are Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities.

Taxi Kiosk

We are Building Taxi Kiosk to help all local who need to book without coming online

Chalbo Bot

We have own whatsapp Bot to help you to book and know fare whenever you want.

Connecting Everyone

We are Connecting Local Cab owner to offer Single way cab to people who need.

Our Vision

Our Vision to build best in class Taxi Experiance for people across Small Towns in India

Our Mission

We are in the mission to build Travel Ecosystem for everyone across India

Our Mission

We are on mission to Build best in class taxi network across all small town of India, to help everyone to enjoy what they deserve

Our Service Area

we are low profit low commission company to ensure that cab owner earn more and client enjoy great service expeiance across each location

Our Vision

To help everyone to enjoy their ride till destination with a smile, and safe journey with us

Our Care

From Starting of Ride to Reach your destination we help you in each way you need thats our promise to you

Our Offering

We offer three type of service so we can help everyone in better.

For Client

  • Outstation Taxi Service
  • Whatsapp Bot for Taxi
  • Taxi Kiosk to book from anywhere
  • Book From Social Media
  • 24*7 Support Team
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For Small Shop owner

  • Earn more Profit
  • Book Taxi For across India
  • Connect with other Agents
  • Enjoy Incentive
  • Get More Client
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