Chalbo India's best Taxi in your town

The things which tell that we are the best taxi service in town

  • Foucs On Quality Not Quantity
  • Service Location where we are only one
  • Young Team with Tech Exeperiance

So we want to assure you that we will be the best taxi service in town for you because we love to work for you not for money, a part of our money goes for social work, and we know how hard to earn money so we value each panny that you invest when you travel with us.



Km done

City Cover

Our Efforts

To build Indias First only Taxi Company Dedicated service toward Small Towm Across India How we are doing this ? Lets Find Out

Quality Service100%
Feedback Ratio (+VE) 95%
Business Traveller 75%
Women Travel with us 35%


Letes Find what our Clients say.